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What is a True Athlete?

Brady Greco
Brady Greco

Is it just me or is there anyone else out there who is sick and tired of the New York Yankees winning championships.  I am an avid baseball fan, but when it comes to watching the New York Yankees in the World Series, I opt out.  Why would anyone cheer them on?

First off, it is not fair to see every good free agent who comes on the market snatched up by the Yankees due to their enormous pocket book.  Baseball claims to have a salary cap, yet it seems as if the Yankees don’t.  The reason for this is because if an MLB team goes over cap, then they are required to pay a significant fine.  The Yankees however, have so much money backing them that they could care less if they get fined because they will just pay it off.  This goes to show me that there is really no salary cap in Baseball, so why even have one in the first place?  This proves to me that baseball only has a salary cap for 29 teams, and the Yankees are in a class of their own because they don’t even abide by the rule.

Secondly, it kills me to watch a team who consists of players whom already admitted to steroid use, or have been suggested to the use of steroids, be glamorized as heroes.  They are not heroes; in fact they are idiots who have no perception of what a true athlete is.  Any meathead can inject themselves with a needle to become stronger and faster, but it is a true athlete who works hard on and off the field who a winner in the end.

I can’t stand the site of AROD, I can’t stand the site of George Steinbrenner, and I definitely can’t stand another New York Yankee World Series Victory!

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