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What if…

Brady Greco
Brady Greco

What if, you were a good high school quarterback, but your coach, who was your dad, never let you throw the ball?

What if, as a quarterback, a single college recruited you,  and that college coach wanted you to play a different position other than quarterback?

What if, you were the seventh string quarterback on your college football team and day after day had to watch the six quarterbacks ahead of you go through every drill?

What if,  you took a turn too tight on the highway and rolled your car three times?

What if, you needed emergency surgery to remove thirty inches of your intestine just to live?

What if, you miraculously survived that fatal car crash?

What if, one month after the car accident and surgery, you courageously lead your college team to an upset victory over one of college football’s national powerhouses?

What if,  you were unsure if you would be selected in the NFL draft, and once you had been, watched the person on TV pronounce your name wrong?

What if, your first National Football League coach didn’t approve of drafting you and from day one said, “There needs to be two train wrecks and four quarterbacks go down, and you’re it.”?

What if, your first ever NFL pass was intercepted and ran back for a touchdown?

What if,  you were diagnosed with the same hip condition that ended Bo Jackson’s career?

What if, you needed to seek help from professionals because you were addicted to pain- killers?  And again, a short time later for alcohol?

What if, after receiving word that your father had suddenly passed away, you turned around the next day and played the best game of your career?

What if, after grieving over the death of your father, you get news that your brother-in-law died in an ATV accident?

What if, soon after your brother-in-law’s death, your wife is diagnosed with breast cancer?

What if, one day you wake up to find your house completely destroyed by Hurricane Katrina?

One man weathered all these storms – and kept playing. Brett Favre played through all of this and continues to play with the strength and soul that helped him survive these challenges. He doesn’t play for the money. He doesn’t play for attention.  He plays for one reason – he loves the game.

He plays because no matter what happens in his life, football has always been there for him and will continue to be there for him.  It is football that allows Brett Favre to escape from life’s biggest tragedies.  It is football that enables him to get lost in the moment.

Football has been the medicine that has enabled him to keep playing. To keep fighting. And, to keep living.

Watching Brett Favre every consecutive Sunday for the past 18 years has been my medicine.

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