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Procrastination is Fitness’ Number One Enemy

Brady Greco
Brady Greco

I’m getting sick of how foolish and lazy our society has become.  The television we watch, the Internet we browse, and the magazines we read are constantly proclaiming to have the most innovative tools, gadgets, or pills that will make exercise easy and the results come faster.  I have been an athlete for as long as I can remember, and have been a personal trainer since the age of 16.  With this being said, I’ll let you in on my little secret.  There is no such thing as easy exercise and quick results.  So, if you happen to be awaiting your new lounge rocker via Fed Ex, I would immediately stop reading this article, pick up your phone and cancel your order.  I say this not because it’s a waste of money or because it won’t work, but more along the lines of, you won’t use it.  Maybe the first couple days you will, but I guarantee you will find some excuse to stop exercising.  As for your brand new Fat Blaster 2000, it will ultimately collect dust alongside your previously ordered Tummy Torcher.

The fact of the matter is, if you have hit rock bottom concerning your exercise routine, or shall I say lack of, and are forking out a couple hundred bucks for a piece of equipment, you are LAZY.  I’m not saying this to be mean, but rather so you can see the truth.  If you think I’m crazy and think you can reach your fitness goals by using your Blow-up Bicep Machine, then I pose this question.  How can one piece of equipment change the way you want your body to look or how you feel?  The answer is simple, it can’t and won’t.

Here’s why.  There are approximately 650-800 different muscles in the human body.  In order to achieve quick results, you must hit each muscle at a different angle.  The way you accomplish this is by continuously changing the exercise you engage in.  By doing this, your muscles won’t adapt or plateau to any one exercise.  Therefore, it is impossible to receive the results you are looking for, for the fraction of time you want to spend working out with your new Ab Abolisher.  Instead of tossing your hard earned money out the window on a machine you will never use but a couple times, invest that money towards a new gym membership where there are oodles of machines and equipment to choose from.  If you find the gym equipment to be overwhelming at first, at least you have the option of taking a whirlpool and sauna, something your Glamorous Glute Gadget can’t offer.

When you finally take initiative to begin working out again, make sure you take baby steps.  Many people I have witnessed who are anxious and excited to start exercising again, blow everything they have in the first workout.  The next morning they are walking around like Frankenstein, constantly oohing and ahhing.  For this reason, they shut down once again and head back to the couch, where their only source of exercise comes from doing arm curls with the Nacho Cheese Dorito bag.  It’s amazing how far a little sweat and hard work will go.

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