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Edge Talk

Overcoming Doubt

Shaun and Luke Forfar go on a jouney of Luke’s doubt and how he has worked to overcome it.


Luke’s Journey

Shaun and Luke share a very candid conversation about Luke’s personal journey.


Goalie Talk

Stanley Cup Playoffs

Listen as Shaun and Justin share their reflections of the 2016 Stanley Cup Playoffs and what you can learn by watching.  Shaun and Justin also train you on a new way to watch.


Trends & Cutting Edge Principles

Shaun and Justin take a deep dive into current trends and cutting edge principles for today’s goalies.



The Pro’s

Pro Hockey Player Matt Hendricks

Shaun interviewed Matt Hendricks when he was with the Washington Capitals, he is now with the Edmonton Oilers.  Shaun has worked with Matt since his High School playing days at Blaine High School in MN.



Scott Bjugstad

Welcome to the first Pro Perspectives Podcast!

Today Shaun interviews Scott Bjugstad, long-time friend and hockey player.  Scott’s hockey career began in high school and has spanned over the course of 33+ years.  He’s played as a high schooler, U of M Gopher, ’84 Olympics, Professionally for the MN Northstars, the Pittsburgh Penguins and the LA Kings.

Since retiring from the NHL in 1994, I have worked with over three thousand players on individual shooting lessons. These lessons along with my professional playing experience have allowed me to identify the most effective and efficient ways to teach players both physically and mentally, not only to shoot, but to catch passes and ultimately score more goals.

You can learn more about Scott’s Shooting School by CLICKING HERE.


Tom Chorske Pro Perspective

Listen in as Shaun Goodsell and Scott Bjugstad interview former Pro Hockey player, Tom Chorske, as he takes you on his journey from High School hockey, handling the transition to WCHA and finally to becoming a Pro in the NHL.  He shares his struggles and triumphs along his journey…things weren’t always “smooth sailing” as he initially thought they would be!


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