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Parenting Questions? No problem!

Hey, this is Dawn, Shaun’s other half and the Mental Edge’s, too!

Why do you subcontract your child’s growth to me? Funny question, right?o-PARENTS-HAVING-DISCUSSION-WITH-TEENAGER-facebook

Well, maybe not…remember when your child was born and you wished there was a training manual for raising your kid? And now, your teen…

I know I did!

You see, Grace was a very strong-willed child and at times she left me utterly in shambles.  Thankfully, when Shaun and I met he was able to give me the coaching and skills to better parent and manage the behavior that used to leave me throwing my hands in the air and turning away in frustration.

One of my favorite lessons happened when Shaun “taught” me to dance…wait, whaaat?? That’s not likely!  All kidding aside, he put his arms around me and began to dance with me, and then, he stopped.  I asked him why he stopped. (you see, if one person stops dancing the other is pretty much at a stand still)  He explained to me that when I stop “dancing” with Grace’s behavior, she wouldn’t be able to dance either!  The push and pull was not able to occur when I stopped “dancing” and didn’t respond to her the way she KNEW I would.  That was a golden lesson!

Fortunately for me, I am blessed to get to co-parent with Shaun!  His wisdom and parenting techniques have resulted in our 4 kids pretty much being a breeze to raise!

You see, every day Shaun works with YOUR kids on the mental side of the game and life skills.  After years of working with athletes, we have discovered that the most effective results have happened when we work with BOTH the kid AND the parents. When you are learning at the same time your kid is (from a parent’s perspective), how much more effective will you be as a parent, right?!!

This got us thinking, wouldn’t it be great to help our Mental Edge families with some of their most difficult and/or puzzling parenting situations. So, we’d love to spend some time with you on a LIVE call and answer your most pressing parenting questions.  No agenda, just your questions and Shaun’s answers and guidance!  How’s that?

Click here to register and we will email you all the details!

We are super excited to chat with you!

Shaun and Dawn, Mental Edge, Inc.

September 23, 2015
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