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While it’s true, the Mental Edge specializes in working with athletes; our work is not limited to the sports realm. We coach parents, individuals, business owners and anyone that is motivated to make real change in their lives!

If you find yourself thinking…I’m intelligent, talented, I hone my skills and take the actions required to get the real results I desire, but I’m still having trouble achieving the results that are most important to me in my life, we will help you discover what is holding you back and how to breakthrough those barriers!

Mental Performance Assessment
At the Mental Edge, we start with The Attentional & Interpersonal Style (TAIS) inventory. TAIS helps us rapidly and accurately gauge your mental strengths and weaknesses. You’ll learn how to play to your strengths and guard against the mental errors that hurt you most under pressure. Then, through an in-depth analysis of your TAIS results, we will identify the building blocks of performance—those factors essential to achieving high-level performance.

Mental Edge Performance Coaching
We work with you one-on-one to target the crucial areas most likely to boost your performance. By keeping to the essentials, we enable you to make real progress at a rapid rate. You’ll receive specific, individualized recommendations for sharpening focus, controlling emotions, working effectively with others, and creating a winning mind-set. During your bi-weekly coaching sessions, you’ll learn principles that are intended to provide you with a strong foundation of core mind skills empowering exceptional performance, as well as, vital life skills important to your life, school, work, family, and peer groups. The Mental Edge specializes in helping you overcome self-defeating thinking, behavior, and the mindset that keeps you stuck in your reality with little or no hope of ever changing. Our intensive coaching will change the direction of your life forever.

Double Edge Athlete Training
A new breed of ATHLETE! The Mental Edge and Explosive Edge Athletics have created a training model that creates the DOUBLE EDGE ATHLETE...an athlete that is trained physically and mentally, their body and mind aligned and is an athlete without weakness!

Watch the video: http://mentaledgenow.com/double_edge_athlete.htm

“Who’s Got Your Back?” Team Experience 1.0 3 Group Sessions
Every team begins the season with high expectations for the year. Most players have invested in extra training to improve their speed, strength and skills. One overlooked component of success is how players will relate to each other and whether or not these relationships hold them back or propel them towards their goals as a team.

Building relationships with team members requires intentionality and consistency. The “Who’s Got Your Back?” Team Experience is a dynamic experience that challenges players to engage in relationship-building conversations leading members to a sense of connectedness and being understood and known for more than just their skills as an athlete. When this happens, players grow in their understanding of each other leading to enhanced levels of cooperation and stronger team play. Our “Who’s Got Your Back?” Team Experience has received rave reviews and is a cutting-edge program for those looking to intentionally grow a strong sense of team.

“Who’s Got Your Back?” Team Experience 2.0 (1.0 pre-requisite)
First Session (first month of season)
      Reintroduction to the principles of a “Who’s Got Your Back?” Team
     Team Building Experience: Vulnerability
Weekly home work challenges
     Every Sunday evening a new and progressive homework challenge will be sent via email to each member of the coaching staff.
     Each challenge will strive to build the relationships of the team in a way that enhances both their life and athletic experience.
Bi-weekly Leader Conference
     Every two weeks through out the season the coaching staff and captains will be asked to participate in a conference call
     aiming to solidify the concepts of a “Who’s Got Your Back?” Team. This call will be lead by a Mental Edge Performance Coach
     and will also be a venue to discuss team issues that are developing during the season.
Second and Final Session (last month of season)
     We’ll review of principles, discussion of issues and the team’s homework assignment.
     Team Building Experience: Generosity and Honesty

Hourly Consulting
Available for individuals and groups desiring our feedback and input on a challenge they are facing. On an hourly basis we offer our expertise to help provide the most positive experience possible while creating a mindset of confidence in overcoming your challenge.

Group Presentations
Mental Edge Performance Coaches are available to make presentations to your team, association, school, coaches, parents or business. We have many topic-specific presentations to choose from or you may request a presentation that is specific to your current situation.

Mind Strength Audio Download or CD (www.5PerformanceKeys.com
A 12-minute sport-specific audio presentation intended to give athletes of all ages the opportunity to learn about some of the concepts important to managing the mental side of sports and competition. Nine (9) versions include: Football, Hockey, Tennis, Golf, Basketball, Soccer, Sports (General), Baseball, and Goaltending.


You can NEVER question the fact that an athlete with a more focused mind will produce greater results. Coaches, ranging from the youth level to the Pros, are able to easily identify players who are mentally prepared at any given moment throughout the course of a game or practice. Being mentally prepared and focused are attributes that are commonly overshadowed, however,
will continue to be the determining factor between an elite player and an average player.

In the same respect, every sport takes a certain number of individuals who thrive in their specific role to make the team extraordinary. One less player on a team may seem insignificant, however, it is the determining factor between winning a championship or having to revert back to the old saying, “There’s always next season”. NEVER doubt your role within your team.

Through the evolution of athletics, we have witnessed rule changes, equipment changes, and a quantum leap in physical training regimens. The one thing that has NEVER changed through the years is the importance of being mentally prepared. Having a clear, sharp, prepared, and focused mind will significantly impact your performance. A great athlete will NEVER sacrifice the importance of gaining an elusive mental edge over an opponent. NEVER allow yourself to be THIS opponent.

NEVER underestimate the power within you.
Achieve your dreams today, NEVER tomorrow.



EXPERTS AGREE one’s mental approach can separate the ordinary achiever from the exceptional one. A positive mental approach is also strongly correlated with those individuals who derive a positive experience from their participation in athletic competition. However, the skills required to achieve individual goals are often overlooked because the primary focus for development is concentrated more on physical attributes than mental approach. At Mental Edge, our mission is to increase personal achievement and elevate the experience of individuals through mentoring and the teaching of competencies necessary to achieve a positive experience, on and
off the field of play. We believe personal satisfaction is fundamental to participation in sports ... and in life.

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