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Don't force your kids into sports. I never was. To this day, my dad has never asked me to go play golf. I ask him.
It's the child's desire to play that matters, not the parent's desire to have the child play. Fun. Keep it fun. ~Tiger Woods



“I asked my son one of Shaun’s Parent Challenge questions from his list of 90 and it opened up a dialogue I had no idea was there....loved

I just want to thank you for your High Impact Questions and all the things I have learned from you and have been applying to my dealings with each of my kids, not to mention co-workers, clients, etc.

Through each challenging time that either of my kids has experienced, I find myself asking questions that keep in check my emotional ties, and instead, lay options and opportunities in front of them. I know this sounds so abstract, but for each of my kids there have been some big decisions made in the last few months, and I was able to help thanks to the High Impact Questions helping me form questions to ask that lead to more discovery and thoughtfulness. I know these questions have helped even if I don't ask the specific question per se. I think about how to ask the question in a way that helps further the discussions. Though I definitely tried to do this before, I was not as successful at it as I feel I am now. I am sure I still have a long way to go!!

So, with that, I say THANK YOU!!

Warm regards,




The Mental Edge invites you to participate in our 90-day Parenting Challenge. This challenge is intended to help you cultivate a High Impact relationship with your son or daughter.

As I tell all parents participating in our High Impact Parenting Series, asking quality questions opens up the possibility of a completely different kind of interaction with your child. With that in mind, you will be given a series of High Impact Questions for the next 90 days (30 days at a time) designed to open a door of understanding into your child’s life that can give you a brand new perspective on who your child is and how you might adjust your parenting style to powerfully influence them.


1. Ask your son/daughter ONLY questions that are a part of the questions provided for that 30 days.

2. If the response is not favorable do not lose hope it often takes many days and sometimes weeks to see breakthrough. Many kids are apathetic towards their parents and it takes some time to create a change.

3. Don't alter the questions too much. They are written the way they are for a reason. Changing them too much alters the way they are heard by kids and therefore works against the desired outcome.

4. Write with your feedback. I am interested in the outcomes.

Blessings to you as you go on this 90 day Journey!

High Impact Parenting Principles

Please also see our Parent Article that can be found on our News Page:

Parent Challenge Questions:

Fear of Failure Article:
1. What is one thing you would do if fear weren't a part of your life?
2. What have you avoided in the past week because of fear?
3. What do I do as a parent that increases your fear?
4. What could I do differently to increase your courage?
5. How do you see fear active in my life? (Parent asking this to their kid)

What Captivates Our Attention Article:
1. What is one quality about you that gets overlooked?
2. What do you get recognized for?
3. What do you notice in others?
4. What is one passion you have that is unknown to most people?
5. Who is most likely to understand you at the deepest level?

PLEASE NOTE: Each month we publish an article specific to the above questions:
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We welcome your comments and question anytime, we'd love to hear how your journey with our Parent Challenge is going for you. Simply
click here to contact us!

Shaun and Dawn Goodsell





EXPERTS AGREE one’s mental approach can separate the ordinary achiever from the exceptional one. A positive mental approach is also strongly correlated with those individuals who derive a positive experience from their participation in athletic competition. However, the skills required to achieve individual goals are often overlooked because the primary focus for development is concentrated more on physical attributes than mental approach. At Mental Edge, our mission is to increase personal achievement and elevate the experience of individuals through mentoring and the teaching of competencies necessary to achieve a positive experience, on and
off the field of play. We believe personal satisfaction is fundamental to participation in sports ... and in life.

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