Mental Lock
Join our Wait List for 2 new programs coming this fall:
  • Mental Lock
  • High Performance Community
Mental Lock:
  • Generate Confidence
  • Overcome Discouragement & Disappointment
  • Learn to deal with Frustration, Anger & Failure
  • +++ many other Mental & Emotional Challenges athletes face today.
  • An in-depth and deep dive into Mental Skills training. This experience is supported by (30) short videos to bring clarity to each principle and practice taught. This program is supported by regular LIVE GROUP CALLS to help personalize and go deep with each principle and practice. You'll have access to the videos for a lifetime! 
High Performance Community:
  • In a day and age of social media that is driven by likes, shares, and impersonal connections, this community will focus on GROUP INTERACTION by inviting  some of the most amazing people that I have met and coached over 21 years.
  • You will get an up close opportunity to GET TO KNOW these individuals as well as ask questions and interact with them and the other members of the community.
  • TRUST ME these are some amazing people with inspiring stories, great character, and ambitious goals.
  • These experiences will take place on a state-of-the-art GROUP CONFERENCING FRAMEWORK.
  • Each experience will include a GUEST CONTRIBUTOR that will share some of their story, as well as, be open to answer questions from the group members. 
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  • Shaun Goodsell's 20-plus years of coaching experience in the life and sports of athletes will lead you to the breakthroughs & transformations you seek!