Lindsay Risebrough

Lindsay Risebrough

High Performance Coach

Lindsay Risebrough is a high-performance coach, mentor, and leader who is committed to guiding individuals into their highest potential! For years, Lindsay has helped her clients identify and overcome the mental and emotional barriers that many athletes experience in any sport, at any level. Rooted in clarity, courage and shifting perspective, Lindsay is committed to providing her clients with life-enhancing coaching and strategies for success, both in sport and in life!

Throughout her life, Lindsay has experienced a wealth of success on the tennis court. She played #1 singles for Edina High School and helped lead the team to three state championships. She went on to compete for the Golden Gophers where she eventually played #1 singles and doubles and was team captain for two years. After college, Lindsay moved to Florida in pursuit of her lifelong dream, playing professional tennis. Soon after moving, a career-ending injury shattered this dream…and her identity. For months, Lindsay spent all her time trying to figure out how she was going to piece her life back together. Inspired by her challenges and experiences, Lindsay sought out a Personal Coach that would forever change the trajectory of her life, putting her on a path to live a fulfilling life on all levels.

From the second Lindsay began working with her coach at age 22, a new passion was born! Her thirst for personal development continued as she immersed herself in personal development books, attended seminars and retreats, listened to podcasts, and became a certified Health Coach. But at the end of the day, Lindsay wholeheartedly believes her most important and extensive training is from her personal life experiences. These life lessons have inspired her to teach YOU the carefully curated set of practical tools that have helped her achieve sustainable health, spiritual well-being, and emotional thriving!

Lindsay believes there is NOTHING you cannot shift and that you are capable of so much more than you realize! Lindsay wants to help expand and open up your mind to the limitless possibilities that exist for you, and support you on your journey to achieving them! Lindsay believes our most painful moments and experiences are our gifts. If it weren’t for the depths of the pain we experience, we would not feel compelled to act.

Lindsay believes that how we interpret events in our lives shapes our reality. We ALWAYS have a CHOICE around how we interpret different events, occurrences, people and experiences that occur in our lives.

Her compassionate nature and curious heart drive Lindsay’s passion for helping young athletes empower individuals to become fearless, resilient and confident powerhouses. Lindsay helps facilitate transformation with her clients by guiding them on a journey to unlock their personal power and become the very best version of themselves in sport and life!

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