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If You’re not Cheating, You’re not Trying

Brady Greco
Brady Greco

Steroids, steroids, steroids.  I know what you are thinking right now, geez not another article about the steroid or sports enhancing drug use that has infested the world of sports today. Ha, well I’m with you, but I think you will find my take on the subject matter more intriguing than most.

To begin, I must admit that I am disgusted by the awful excuses professional athletes hide behind after testing positive.  We have heard it all from; I must have taken too much sudafed for this awful cold I have been fighting, to, my trainer just injected me and gave me pills that would make me feel better.  Since he gave them to me I didn’t think twice about it. My heart wants to jump out of my chest every time I hear another lame excuse for why they did what they did.

To eliminate all the controversy that surrounds this topic once and for all, the sports world must take some advice from me.

First and foremost, you must understand that in today’s society science has an unfair advantage.  What I mean when I say this is that science and medicine are so far advanced, it makes it impossible to develop an accurate drug test.  Therefore, athletes who have taken the newest drug to “hit the market” will pass with flying colors.  If you understand this correctly, you are either thinking to yourself, wow then only the dumb athletes get caught. Or, then why should they even test professional athletes?

Both of these thoughts are valid, however I will focus on the latter.  Why should athletes be tested if the test is unable to detect a new drug?  They shouldn’t.  What they need to do is abolish testing altogether and allow for steroid use to run rapid.  I mean isn’t that what they are essentially doing now?  Imagine sitting in front of your television come Sunday afternoon about to watch your favorite football team play.  How entertaining would it be to watch a football field full of juiced up barbarians on the verge of roid rage?  Or, what about a Stanley Cup playoff game where two enforcers square off like Popeye and Hercules.  Forget reality TV, this is what I call entertainment!

And what’s the deal with all these minuscule punishments being handed out?  Most often a punishment consists of a fine, suspension, and a hit to the athlete’s ego.  A hard concept for me to grasp is how can an athlete who makes millions of dollars and is fined, going to learn from their mistake.  The answer is, they won’t.  Instead of issuing a measly fine and suspension, what needs to take place for the athlete continue on with their career is this…for one year an athlete who tests positive must play pro bono.  In turn, the athlete’s annual salary will be donated to a charity that promotes the education of the negative effects sports enhancing drugs have on the body.  It would be very interesting to see how the athlete would compete in competition knowing they aren’t receiving any pay.  It would also be incredibly easy to distinguish an athlete who loves the game and an athlete who loves the money.

Don’t get me wrong, I am a forgiving person and believe with all my heart everyone deserves a second and sometimes even a third chance in life.  However, when an elite athlete chooses to “shoot up” and then is given a slap on the wrist for cheating, what is this instilling in our youth? To me, it says if you are going to become a great athlete, you must cheat to get there.  And if you get caught, oh well no big deal!

Brady Greco is a Performance Coach with the Mental Edge

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