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iamLately, I have been fielding many questions centering around the quest and increased desire for certainty. Some want to know if they are going to make the team and others want to know if they will get a good enough grade to keep them on track to qualify for the college they have eyed for years. The quest seems to know few boundaries; everything from wanting to be assured of success to knowing for sure that they will never be alone are the places where this perceived need pops up.

Certainty is being coveted and focused on in the same way an addict would pursue a fix of their preferred mood-altering chemical.

I would like to propose that an ever-increasing preoccupation and need for CERTAINTY is actually a symptom of a devastating problem, not only amongst our young people, but in our society.

The problem is a lack of clear, deeply embedded clarity about who I AM!!!

When it comes right down to it, a true sense of certainty really does not exist. There are simply too many factors outside of our control that affect outcomes that we treasure. Making the team, getting the grade, assuring the affection and long-term trust of a current friend or loved one is actually more uncertain than certain.

However, the ability to become and generate success, maintain quality relationships, be happy, fulfilled, and at peace really is determined by who I AM more than anything else. Who I AM is the single most powerful force determining my possible level of certainty. Let me illustrate this:

I really want to be happy. However, my happiness seems to be tied to getting certain grades, making certain teams, being liked by certain people, and having certain things. If for happiness to be mine these things all need to line up I might as well go out and buy a lottery ticket and keep buying them. The odds of me being happy on this set of premises is a virtual impossibility.

However, if I clearly, boldly, and consistently know that I AM: capable, uniquely talented, empowered, strong, creative, resilient, and determined, then I have a powerful force at play in my life and that is ME AT MY BEST.

You see I believe that more certainty lies within a fully and boldly expressed I AM than any other factor in life.

I believe that we are all given the challenge to live full out, embrace the challenges as opportunities and set our mindset towards leveraging ME AT MY BEST!

Take the time to get clear about your I AM stance on life.

You will never have more power to shape and influence the outcomes of your life than when you become most certain about this. Quit putting your trust in the waves of uncertainty that often accompany many of your life circumstances and start digging deep into who you are using your I AM statement as your point of power to gain your mental edge.

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