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Every Day is the “Big Game”!

I just witnessed another series of pressure-filled games that held in them the realization of dreams long held for some and the dashed hopes resulting in devastating disappointment for others. Prior to the big games each athlete I work with participating in the tournament sought their own personalized answer to how they were going to be their best when it counted the most.

The reality is that every day prior to these games gave cues of vital information as to how prepared or unprepared they would be. Where do these cues come from? They are hidden within every interaction with their peers, parents and coaches. Every practice that doesn’t go the way they hoped, each game that was played prior to the tournament and the tests inherent and revealed in these games provides information for each individual athlete revealing their readiness to meet the challenges set forth in the “BIG GAMES”.

Why is it that we tend to compartmentalize so much of life? Each situation we experience is both preparation and realization. When we take the time to live with an awareness of what life and sport is attempting to teach us, we can maximize each moment of our life so that when we find ourselves in the “BIG GAME” we are in familiar territory.



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