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Edge Work 2.0 is a Live Weekly Coaching Program
Start Date 9/19/18
Wednesdays at 9 pm EDT/8 pm CDT
I will be training on the following topics:
3 Confidence Building Practices
Turning Challenges into Pathways to HIGH PERFORMANCE
Overcoming the Fear of Failure
Practicing with a Purpose
3 Ways to Become Your Own Coach
Creating a Purpose that Motivates
Training vs. Practice
Winning is Only Part of the Prize
Overcoming Discouragement
Leadership can be Learned
There is an “I” in TEAM
Talent not EXPRESSED Leads to REGRET
What to do When Your “WANT TO” is Weak
Dealing with OVERWHELM
Engagement, Energy, Execution
Focus Unleashes Flow
What Really Matters?
Intentional Excellence
Less is More

You can see that we have power-packed coaching to look forward to!!
Here are a few keys to help you get the most out of this experience: 

~ Get a nice notebook so you can take notes and record thoughts, questions, and breakthroughs throughout the coaching.

~ When you are taking in the call make sure you are undistracted by being in a place where you can engage without anything compromising your ability to listen. (Whether you attend live or listening to the recording)

~ BE COURAGEOUS! I am going to open every live call to your thoughts and questions. EXPRESS YOURSELF not only for your benefit but also the others in the group.

~ Make the live calls a priority. There is something about listening live that is a bit different than a recording. Prioritize your personal growth!

I have been preparing for this experience for a long time, and I am excited to share this with you!

Course Curriculum

Getting Started
The Dates-Edge Work 2.0 Details 00:00:00
The dates for Edge Work 2.0
The Call-In Information-Edge Work 2.0 Details 00:00:00
Use the Dial In and Participant Code below to join each Edge Work Coaching Call: Wednesdays at 9 pm Eastern/8 pm Central Dial in number 641-715-3631 Participant 326033#
The Notes & Recordings
2.6.19 Coaching Call-Edge Work 2.0 Details 00:00:00
I am excited to bring you another teaching on the POWER of PERSPECTIVE. Have you ever started your day with a less than motivated level of energy? Or a slight dread because you didn't know if you could meet the challenges of the day in a manner you would hope or expect? You might even feel like a puppet to the circumstances of your life.
1.23.19 Coaching Call-Edge Work 2.0 Details 00:00:00
SIMPLE does not mean easy, weak, unimportant, insignificant, short-sighted, or lacking depth. At first glance or thought it might be easy to believe that SIMPLE lacks depth, thoroughness, or strength. This is born out of the idea or belief that MORE IS BETTER!
1.2.19 Coaching Call-Edge Work 2.0 Details FREE 00:00:00
12.19.18 Coaching Call-Edge Work 2.0 Details 00:00:00
12.12.18 Coaching Call-Edge Work 2.0 Details 00:00:00
12.5.18 Coaching Call-Edge Work 2.0 Details 00:00:00
One of the biggest problems with young athletes today is that they have become "FEELINGS" addicted. In other words, FEELINGS are driving them rather than COMMITMENT, PREPARATION, and WILL. If you are a player that is making your life decisions or athletic decisions on how you feel, I promise you right now that you are not at your best.
11.28.18 Coaching Call-Edge Work 2.0 Details 00:00:00
Often, we hear about things like MENTAL TOUGHNESS, CONFIDENCE, and RESILIENCE when talking about sports performance and we are forced to try to figure out what these concepts mean. When we hear about them without understanding them, it brings greater confusion and frustration. IT IS IMPORTANT TO UNDERSTAND WHAT THESE CONCEPTS ARE so that we can acquire and implement them in our lives and performance.
11.21.18 Coaching Call-Edge Work 2.0 Details 00:00:00
This is a very powerful coaching call that breaks down the 3 Characteristics of Self Talk, and it's ability to sabotage or become a superpower!
11.14.18 Coaching Call-Edge Work 2.0 Details 00:00:00
During this Coaching Call, Shaun teaches the difference between Realistic and Unrealistic Expectations and how having unrealistic expectations can mentally mess you up before you even play a game! Shaun gives crystal clear examples of both Realistic and Unrealistic Expecations.
11.7.18 Coaching Call-Edge Work 2.0 Details 00:00:00
Overcoming Your Fear of Failure! Shaun was traveling for this session so he broadcasted a previous coaching session that, quite honestly, could be one to listen to each month!
10.31.18 Coaching Call-Edge Work 2.0 Details 00:00:00
Listen in as Patrick shares his story and life mental skills he learned through coaching with Shaun during some of the most difficult times in his life and sport.
10.24.18 Coaching Call-Edge Work 2.0 Details 00:00:00
Do you get held back by your fear? This coaching call will teach you how to flip your fear into power!
10.17.18 Coaching Call-Edge Work 2.0 Details 00:00:00
On this coaching call, Shaun will train you on your Mindset and how important it is to your success in your sport and life.
10.10.18 Coaching Call-Edge Work 2.0 Details 00:00:00
Creating Your Attributes for Lifelong Success
Bonus Trainings
8.29.18 Edge Work Coaching Call Details FREE 00:00:00
Special Guest Interview with Kyle Pallin, Professional Snocross Racer. Kyle shares his journey to becoming Pro and his mindset shifts along the way!
8.22.18 Edge Work Coaching Call Details FREE 00:00:00
Today I am going to teach you about EMOTIONS THAT EMPOWER EXCELLENCE Let me start by posing a few questions: Do you ever struggle with anxiety? (Nervousness) Do you ever feel frustrated? Do you ever feel like you are not enough? Like the challenge is too big and you get a flood of feelings that overwhelm you? Do you wake up in the morning and just find that inside you feel like the days are cloudy, and it is hard to find the sun? Do you ever feel that you feel flat and uninspired?
8.15.18 Edge Work Coaching Call Details FREE 00:00:00
Today's coaching is about understanding the difference between PRACTICE and TRAINING. At the surface it may seem like these two are virtually the same. In fact they are actually quite a bit different.
8.8.18 Edge Work Coaching Call Details FREE 00:00:00
This may very well be one of the most important Edge Work Coaching Calls yet! Listen now to learn how to Overcome Your Distractions and get clear about the difference between Focus and Awareness.
8.11.18 Edge Work Coaching Call Details FREE 00:00:00
Through my years of coaching I have learned that consistent motivation is a reported challenge for many athletes. I get asked just about everyday HOW TO HAVE MORE MOTIVATION. This is why I am providing this teaching today.
7.25.18 Edge Work Coaching Call Details FREE 00:00:00
On today's coaching call, Shaun explained why is it important for you to be your own coach. Every player has a coach and in some cases many coaches. These people are in your life for you to learn from as well as to utilize their expertise to help you develop.
7.18.18 Edge Work Coaching Call Details FREE 00:00:00
Practicing with a Purpose In today's coaching Shaun teaches you how to UTILIZE your practices to improve your performance.
7.11.18 Edge Work Coaching Call Details FREE 00:00:00
Today's coaching call will bust myths about your fears and Shaun trains you how to overcome them. Shaun's notes and the recording are in the download section.
6.27.18 Edge Work Coaching Call Details FREE 00:00:00
Turning Challenges into Pathways of High Performance: Too many players believe that when they face challenges, the challenges are there to PROVE TO THEM and SHOW THEM THAT THEY ARE INCOMPETENT and UNABLE TO SUCCEED. If this is your mindset and thought process, then THIS TRAINING IS GOING TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE if you take it to heart and stop this pattern TODAY!!!
6.20.18 Edge Work Coaching Call Details FREE 00:00:00
Today's Coaching is on 3 Confidence Building Practices. You'll find the recording and Shaun's Notes in the Download Section on this page. Please feel free to ask questions in the comment section below.

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