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The experience will include: (please read carefully)

(7) 60-minute Group Coaching Calls (all recorded for listening when you are available)

(2) 60-minute Individual Power Coaching Calls (these coaching calls will be highly focused and practical)

TAIS Inventory:  Winning Mind uses The Attentional & Interpersonal Style (TAIS) inventory- the world’s best assessment methodology to help individuals understand the conditions that undermine performance and help them operate more successfully under stressful conditions. (see TAIS Instructions section to take this assessment)

Private Access to other group members: (think of this as your High-Performance Team)

Invite (1) friend FREE OF CHARGE to go through the experience together. (Choose carefully)

Read or Listen to (3) Books: select from the list provided in the Book Section

Close-up interview with at least one other group member: (interview questions will be provided)

Surprise Guests that will help you maximize what you are learning and encourage you along the way.

So let’s recap, there are FIVE parts to this experience:

First, live coaching calls (also recorded) that you can engage in twice a month. These calls will follow the topics that are listed at the bottom of this email. 

Second, book reading or listening from the booklist provided. For those that find it easier to listen, I use the app Audible to download and listen to my books. Otherwise, you can order any of the books that are listed as possible selections from Amazon. You are challenged to finish three books of your choice during the summer. Make your choices from this list or your own. Just make reading part of your summer.

Third, later this summer you will be paired with another participant of this coaching experience and asked to interview them, as well as, be interviewed by them. The questions will be provided along with a way to get in touch with them to schedule this call. You can use Facetime, Skype, Zoom, or simply a phone call.

Fourth, you also have two one-to-one power coaching sessions with me to provide further focus to any area that you would like to accelerate growth. Schedule those by calling my office at 763-439-5246; Dawn will be happy to get these scheduled for you. 

Fifth, follow the TAIS directions in your member library to take the TAIS profile. This is a worldwide mental skills profile that I have used for 15 years to help give greater clarity to those that I have coached over the years. You will love this profile.

You can see that we have a power packed summer to look forward to!! Here are a few keys to help you get the most out of this experience: 

~ Get a nice notebook so you can take notes and record thoughts, questions, and breakthroughs throughout the coaching.
~ Get your two Power Coaching sessions scheduled early so you can maximize your learning throughout the summer. 
~ When you are taking in the call make sure you are undistracted by being in a place where you can engage without anything compromising your ability to listen. (Whether you attend live or listening to the recording)
~ BE COURAGEOUS! I am going to open every live call to your thoughts and questions. EXPRESS YOURSELF not only for your benefit but also the others in the group. 
~ Make the live calls a priority. There is something about listening live that is a bit different than a recording. Prioritize your personal growth for the summer. 

I have been preparing for this experience for a long time, and I am excited to share this with you! 

Course Curriculum

Getting Started
How To Join The Calls-Challenge To Champion FREE 00:00:00
Reading Book List-Challenge To Champion FREE 00:00:00
This is a list of some my favorite books that have helped me immensely in my life. I also include a list of some of the podcasts that I listen to that have brought immense value to my life personally and professionally.
TAIS Inventory Instructions-Challenge To Champion FREE 00:00:00
This is an assessment. The assessment should take about 20 minutes, but allow a good half-hour, so you don’t get distracted.
One-on-One Power Coaching Sessions-Challenge To Champion FREE 00:00:00
Your One-on-One power coaching sessions
Coaching Call Recordings and Notes
6.18.18 Challenge to Champion Recording & Notes FREE 01:05:00
Week 1: Challenge to Champion:  “Clarity Confidence and Courage”
6.25.18 Challenge to Champion Recording & Notes FREE 00:00:00
Week 2 Challenge to Champion Coaching Purpose to Power: Answering the “Why” that leads to “What”
7.9.18 Challenge to Champion Recording & Notes FREE 00:00:00
If you weren't on the LIVE call, this is a MUST listen! Shaun absolutely crushed his coaching today on High-Performance Habits!
7.23.18 Challenge to Champion Recording & Notes FREE 00:00:00
Challenge to Champion Week 4: Learning does not only happen in school. Principles to keep you on the cutting edge of life!
8.6.18 Challenge to Champion Recording & Notes FREE 00:00:00
During this call, Shaun trained on The Happiness Equation.
8.20.18 Challange to Champion Recording & Notes FREE 00:00:00
Peak Performance: Principles, Behaviors, and Process IF we are to reach an UNPRECEDENTED PERFORMANCE in our lives we must first and foremost IMAGINE, DREAM, SCULPT, and ACT from our vision of our HIGHEST SELF. What does yours look like?
8.27.18 Challenge to Champion Recording & Notes FREE 00:00:00
Welcome to your FINAL Challenge to Champion Coaching Call! Thank you for being a valued participant in this coaching and we hope it has served you well as you move from having Challenges to being a Champion of your challenges!

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