Whether you are an athlete, parent, a business professional, or maybe a student wanting to stay on the growth path CHALLENGE TO CHAMPION is for you. 

I want to personally invite you to be part of this  very UNIQUE opportunity. Imagine being lead on a journey that propels you to DO BETTER. What I mean by “DO BETTER” is to continually focus on the things that lead to a better quality of life.

Examples include but are not limited to:

  1. Improving the skills needed to deepen an important relationship.
  2. Learn what a growth mindset can do to decrease your level of stress and anxiety. 
  3. Confidence growing behaviors that will strengthen your overall level of confidence. 
  4. Best practices for improving your performance in any area. 
  5. Learn how to think in a manner that gives you power in any situation you might experience. 


This is what it means to move from a CHALLENGE to CHAMPION. 

The quality of our lives can never excel beyond our most significant weakness or blind area. SO WHY NOT BE PROACTIVE and invest some time CHAMPIONING a better quality of life and let this coaching experience LAUNCH YOU TO DO SO!!! 

It is at this point where I need to define some terms so we are all on the same page.

A “CHALLENGE” is something that you are facing that is designed to DRAW THE BEST OUT OF YOU. Unfortunately, many see CHALLENGES as indicators of their inadequacy rather than an opportunity to grow deeper character, skills, and relationships.

A CHAMPION is someone that has fought through and embraced the CHALLENGES personalized to their life and found VICTORY in and through them as a pathway to becoming a BETTER PERSON.

Making and following through on commitments is something that appears to be lacking in our culture today. I have created this journey for you because I KNOW that there are many people that want to BETTER their lives but lack a blueprint, support, knowledge, and accountability to do so. These are all necessary components of life enhancement.

Ready to move your challenges into champion moments?  When you register for this FREE course below you’ll receive:

(7) 60-minute Group Coaching Calls

  • Clarity Confidence and Courage
  • Purpose to Power: Answering the “Why” that leads to “What”
  • High-Performance Habits
  • Principles to keep you on the cutting edge of life!
  • The Happiness Equation
  • Peak Performance: Principles, Behaviors and Process
  • Champion of your Challenges!

Shaun’s Recommended Podcasts and Books

  • You are challenged to finish three books of your choice during your Challenge to Champion journey.  Make your choice from the list provided or your own. Just make reading a part of your summer.

Surprise Guests interviews that will help you maximize what you are learning and encourage you along the way.

You can see that we have a power packed journey when moving from Challenge to Champion.

Here are a few tips to help you get the most out of this experience:

  • Get a nice notebook so you can take notes and record thoughts, questions, and breakthroughs throughout the coaching.
  • When you are listening to the call, make sure you are undistracted by being in a place where you can engage without anything compromising your ability to listen.
  • BE COURAGEOUS! Take the recommended actions.
  • Prioritize your personal growth!

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