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Possibility Unleashes Motivation

The presence of motivation is critical in the life of an athlete and all those that seek optimal performance. The …

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Discouragement is NOT Fatal

For over two decades I have individually coached 1000’s of athletes that have come to work with me in many …

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Feedback is Fuel

20 years as a High-Performance Coach comes with the experience that reveals common themes among athletes at every level. One …

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Myths of Mental Skills Training #3

May 24,18by Mental Edge

As I shared in past writings, gaining an edge on the competition can take on many points of focus. One …

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Myths of Mental Skills Training #2

There are many questions athletes ask when they ponder the possibility of working with a Mental Skills Coach. Sometimes, many …

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Myths of Mental Skills Training

Myths are beliefs that guide our thinking and behavior that may contain partial truth while also containing misguided information. When …

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