Who’s Got Your Power?

I often get calls that start off like this, “Shaun my son/daughter is really having a tough time this year. EVERYTHING has changed.” They continue by stating, “Something is off.” They conclude by saying, “I do not know what to do to help! Can you help?”

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What is it about Confidence?

There isn’t a day in my coaching practice where a question about confidence doesn’t come up. Confidence is often seen …

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Fear of Failure vs. Mentally Strong and Confident

As a parent I have never really feared my kids physical abilities and skills to compete in the sports they …

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Silent Concussions

“The trauma that results when coaches over step the boundaries of human decency and respect.” We have become INCREASINGLY aware …

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3 C Power

Like many, I am fascinated with the formula for SUCCESS. I realize that success has different meanings depending on the …

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What If?

We ask ourselves questions all the time. Most of these questions start with the word WHAT. “What should I wear …

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