5 Performance Keys for a High Impact Mindset

Every athlete is looking for something that gives them an advantage. One place that athletes are finding this advantage is …

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A Life Changed…

Her face even brightened with the kind of joy that sets in when a young person is listened to, cared for, believed in, and encouraged to live an inspired life.

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Some Losses Go Deep!

As a result, they often build an over inflated view of themselves that leads them to believe that they are invincible.

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What is Mental Toughness?

In order to gain “mental toughness the individual needs to learn to reframe the events...

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Why are we Losing a Generation of Kids? Shaun’s response…

I recently read an article in the St. Paul Pioneer Press that highlighted the fact that there are fewer and fewer …

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Life as a Learning Lab

Our students are telling us through their protest what they need. Will we get the message before we lose a generation of kids?

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