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Join Shaun as he speaks with Kiki Vale, Maverick Chicago radio personality and Master Interviewer, about the power of your mind and the mental game of Superbowl 45!

Listen LIVE Friday, February 4th at 10:30 am CT here: WJJG AM 1530

If you can't make it during the LIVE show, catch the interview audio later here



Listen to Justin Johnson's Interview with Paul Martin of the New Jersey Devils

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Shaun Goodsell Featured on WCCO

Shaun Goodsell, Mental Edge -- on WCCO-TV from WideSkreen.TV on Vimeo.



Listen to Justin Johnson's Interview with Jordan Leopold

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5 Performance Keys
5 Performance Keys

You spend hours practicing and preparing to be your best for the big game.
Rarely does this preparation include training your mind to win the game within the game.

By ordering your 5 Performance Keys today, Shaun will be your personal Mental Toughness Coach and help YOU gain an edge on your competition by mastering the 5 Performance Keys that will empower you to be your best when it counts the most!

The 5 Performance Keys you will learn to master:

     The Control Game
     The Focus Game
     The Expectations Game
     The Disappointment Game
     The Composure Game

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EXPERTS AGREE one’s mental approach can separate the ordinary achiever from the exceptional one. A positive mental approach is also strongly correlated with those individuals who derive a positive experience from their participation in athletic competition. However, the skills required to achieve individual goals are often overlooked because the primary focus for development is concentrated more on physical attributes than mental approach. At Mental Edge, our mission is to increase personal achievement and elevate the experience of individuals through mentoring and the teaching of competencies necessary to achieve a positive experience, on and
off the field of play. We believe personal satisfaction is fundamental to participation in sports ... and in life.

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