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A Life Changed…

Shaun Goodsell

What is it we are really trying to do at the Mental Edge? Help kids play better? Have more confidence? Deal with personal challenges? Win games? These are all potential outcomes although they are not at the core of what we are trying to do. What is at the core is CHANGED LIVES!  With that in mind, I would like to tell you about a recent client that mentored with us. I tell you this story with her permission.

Joy was scared to death to meet with me. Her parents heard about what we did and thought it would be good for her but hadn’t fully convinced Joy of the value. Within a few minutes Joy could tell that I was aware of her lack of inner confidence. As we would sit and talk, she would tell me about life situations that left her feeling sad, disappointed and regretful. I listened, offered empathy, well-timed guidance, and truthful feedback. The more we met the more Joy opened up and told me of her dreams, passions, and deepest fears. The continued dialogue we had grew Joy’s trust in our relationship and she utilized much of what we talked about to deal with some difficult relationship challenges. Because of this, little by little, Joy’s life got better. She developed more and more trust in herself, discarded some relationships that were destructive to her and stopped doing some things that left her in an emotionally heavy and dark place. Her face even brightened with the kind of joy that sets in when a young person is listened to, cared for, believed in, and encouraged to live an inspired life. Something wonderful happened this summer! Joy’s life changed! She went from darkness to light! In her words “My life was saved!”

This is what we are after at the Mental Edge. Light that finds its way through darkness. Every athlete seems to have his or her own version of darkness. For some it is fear, others experience life-altering anxiety and still others are plagued with a need to please everyone never knowing if they have done enough. When we find a young person’s darkness we look to reveal and bring light.

If this story has touched you please let us know and we will pass on your comments on to “Joy”.

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Shaun Goodsell
President and CEO
Mental Edge

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