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5 Performance Keys for a High Impact Mindset

Every athlete is looking for something that gives them an advantage. One place that athletes are finding this advantage is in learning to bring a high impact performance mindset to each situation. The 5 Performance Keys introduces athletes to five crucial mind skills that are important in developing a high impact mindset. Each concept is presented as a game within the game to help give clarity to the various skills needed to be your best when it counts the most. The control game, the focus game, the expectations game, the disappointment game and the composure game are all presented with specific tips on how to get started in training your mind to give you an advantage regardless of the situation you are in. We believe that not only do these vital skills benefit you as you compete as an athlete but will give you an advantage as you live your everyday life. Taking the time to intentionally grow these skills will not only help you in your sport but will change your life as well. Enjoy.

Available in 8 Sport Specific versions at http://www.5PerformanceKeys.com

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